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GPS TRACKER device, Real Time version GeoSafe.

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GPS TRACKER device, Real Time version GeoSafe.

For installation on a vehicle to be used to track cars or personal use vehicle management in organizations can be installed without cutting the wires of the car and not to interfere with the ECU of the vehicle. connected to a Port OBDII is easy to install or migrate to other vehicle systems with a-GPS is used to track the position of the car in case they can not receive satellite signals.

  • Plug-and-use design and reduce cost.
  • Status of the vehicle is required. (Fuel consumption, the engine speed, coolant temperature, etc.).
  • A state of the engine / ignition system.
  • SMS, GPRS TCP / UDP, USSD, FTP communications.
  • GSM / GPRS simultaneously
  • Track time (time, distance or time mode and intelligent subject).
  • Firth upgrade over the air (via GPRS from FTP).
  • Travel reports, wireless downloads
  • Battery backup for disconnect notifications.



เสารับสัญญาณ GPS UBLOX With A-GPS 50 Channels ความคลาดเคลื่อน; 5 m ( Averaeg )


เสารับสัญญาณ GPS BUILT IN, Datum:  WGS 84


แหล่งจ่ายไฟ:  8-30v, การใช้พลังงาน: 12 VDC  145Ma ( โหมดการทำงาน ): 10Ma @ 12VDC ( ระบบ Sleep mode )


อุณหภูมิในการทำงาน; -20 c-70c ( ไม่รวมแบตเตอรี่ )


แบตเตอรี่สำรอง Li – Polymer, 130 mAL